125 Top Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

Narrating is retelling a story or action as seen, heard, or read. Narrative essays test students’ capacity to retain information and recall necessary information when required. Narrative essays are also a test of a student’s competence in a language. Finally, they assess a student’s ability to creatively relate events of the past.

To make your narrative essay interesting, here are a few narration ideas:

  • Give a brief introduction on the topic for narration
  • Mention why you chose this particular topic
  • Introduce the characters of the story in a clear and descriptive way
  • Relate the actions in chronological order
  • Conclude by pointing out the important aspects and lessons of the story

A narrative essay topic could be fiction or nonfiction. Fiction is an imaginary story – a story that never really happened. When a narrative essay is a fiction, it is up to the student to create his characters and plot a scene in tandem with the theme of the essay. When writing fiction, the student can write in the first person or third person.

Essay topics are given to address a particular theme, and it is important that the points raised correlate with the theme. Examples of essay topics could be:

  • Young people are easily influenced. Write about someone who has influenced your way of living.
  • Volunteer jobs help to build a student’s skills. Describe your first volunteer job and how it helped you grow.
  • Parents should acknowledge the achievements of their children. Write about an achievement in your life/school that helped boost your confidence.

Personal Narrative Topics

Writing a personal narrative is creatively talking about your memories, adventures, and experiences. Personal narrative topics can cover any aspect of life. For example, memories covering family, school, work, culture, etc., can be creatively narrated in a personal narrative essay. Here are a few personal narration ideas:

  1. How I spent the last holiday
  2. Your favorite Christmas holiday
  3. Your most memorable birthday
  4. Your most memorable holiday
  5. Your favorite game
  6. Your most memorable trip
  7. Your favorite school subject
  8. Your most unusual friend
  9. Your most memorable day in school.
  10. Your most embarrassing moment
  11. Your favorite teacher
  12. An unforgettable moment in school
  13. The scariest experience you ever had
  14. The strangest dream you ever had
  15. The first meal you cooked
  16. Your first self-made pastry
  17. The best day of your life
  18. A day you will never forget
  19. A person you will never forget
  20. Your first paid job

Other Personal Narrative Ideas

  1. Your first volunteer assignment
  2. Your favorite sibling
  3. A life lesson you learned
  4. Your favorite holiday pastime
  5. An accident you witnessed.
  6. A wedding you attended
  7. A birthday you attended
  8. A day at the beach
  9. A visit to the zoo
  10. A visit to the amusement park
  11. concert you attended
  12. A visit to the cinema
  13. An experience meeting a stranger
  14. Your first driving experience
  15. A gift you will never forget
  16. Your most unusual gift
  17. Your first time on a plane
  18. A valuable thing you lost
  19. A valuable thing you found
  20. Helping a stranger
  21. The most remarkable movie you watched.
  22. A health challenge you overcame
  23. Your first night at a hospital
  24. A favorite song
  25. An experience that changed your life
  26. A place that you feel you belong most

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

  1. Someone that influenced you
  2. Meeting an influential person
  3. A funny experience you had
  4. A skill you learned and how it helped you
  5. Participating in an extracurricular activity
  6. A dangerous experience
  7. A risk you took
  8. A secret you discovered
  9. The experience of saving someone
  10. A lonely moment in your life
  11. A remarkable vacation with family
  12. A visit to your grandparent’s house
  13. An unexpected assistance you received
  14. A visit to a historical site
  15. A visit to a famous spot
  16. A tragic event in your life
  17. Losing a loved one
  18. Confronting a bully
  19. Your first pet
  20. A punishment you did not deserve

Adventurous Narrative Essay Writing Topics

  1. An experience that made you ashamed
  2. A family traditional you enjoy
  3. Your first time participating in a traditional ceremony
  4. The first traditional meal you ate
  5. Your first time cooking a traditional dish
  6. A disagreement you had with a friend
  7. A charitable deed you did
  8. Helping to solve a mystery
  9. Helping to solve a crime
  10. Helping a neighbor
  11. A time you had to apologize for something you did not do
  12. The day you graduated from school
  13. A wish that came true
  14. Your first experience with the police
  15. Your first visit to the emergency
  16. A birth you witnessed
  17. A day summer vacation you will never forget
  18. A day you got lost
  19. A prize you won
  20. An experience you wish you could have again
  21. The experience of failing
  22. An embarrassing moment in school
  23. Making your first deposit at the bank
  24. The day you learned the value of money

More Narrative Topics for Essays

  1. The day you learned the value of work
  2. Your favorite pastime
  3. A day you left your chores to play
  4. An invaluable lesson you learned
  5. The day your hobby got you job
  6. Experiencing something new
  7. Buying your first car
  8. An adventure you will never forget
  9. Your first night at a friend’s house
  10. Your first teaching experience
  11. Your first science project
  12. How you learned to respect other people’s culture
  13. Your first experience of racial prejudice
  14. A moment you felt helpless
  15. Your first babysitting job
  16. A day you got stranded
  17. An experience you wish you never have to relive

Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

Literacy narrative essays describe your experience with literacy skills such as reading and writing. This type of essay is great for reviewing texts, novels, short stories, etc. Through such essays, you can relate your opinion and experience about learning and reading and how you have been positively or negatively impacted. Here are a few ideas for literacy narrative essays:

  1. Your favorite novel
  2. A story you will never forget
  3. The first story you wrote
  4. The scariest novel you ever read
  5. The worst novel you ever read
  6. The most unexpected ending to a novel you read
  7. The first poem you ever read
  8. A poem you will never forget
  9. The most uninteresting book you ever read
  10. The first philosophical book you read
  11. The best new story you ever read
  12. The power of the written word
  13. How you learned to write
  14. How you learned to read
  15. The first sad story you ever read
  16. Learning a new language
  17. The first foreign language you learned.
  18. Your first time being on the school’s editorial board

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